resource associates corp job scam

resource associates corp job scamWe are not a scam!
We have found that many professionals find Resource Associates Corporation’s web site and blog through Google’s convenient search criteria for scams and complaints. Information is the single most important thing necessary to making informed decisions. It was fairly ingenious of Google to add instantaneous search criteria to help today’s consumer explore all of the relevant information. Google Analytics is a powerful tool and it makes finding needed information quick and easy.

The professionals with whom we work are well-educated and savvy people. Over 80% of these professionals have either owned their own business or have worked in high-level executive or management positions. They have been or are still responsible for doing due diligence and making decisions that impact the future of businesses and people; therefore knowledge is king.

Because so much of business interaction today is via phone, email, social media, etc., it takes a longer time to build a customer, supplier, or vendor relationship. We remember when all business interactions were face-to-face and were focused on building solid relationships. However, it is true we use the Internet as our go-to source for knowledge and information.

So, we thought we would help you see who Resource Associates is from the inside out.

RAC was founded in 1978, which means we have been around for quite some time.

  • Our staff is currently 22 strong
  • 70% have been with RAC over 15 years

Our Affiliate Network is Currently 500 Strong …

Our Affiliate Network is RAC’s marketing arm, and they are located all over the United States. Our Affiliate retention historically ranges between 82-86%, which is quite high as you compare it to SBA’s small business statistics of success and sustainability.

The Power of the RAC NETWORK


Our Location
We are located in a beautiful office complex in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. We would bet you have never heard of Wyomissing, have you? Wyomissing is located approximately 1.5 hours northwest of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Below are some photos of our office space and team members. We have a beautiful facility with 14,000 square feet of offices and conference rooms.

resource associates corp job scam

Hopefully, that helps give a more in-depth view of who RAC is as an organization. RAC values our business relationships and we are excited about our growth initiatives. We look forward to serving for the next 34 years, and beyond. Please feel free to contact our office at any time for further information or to have a question answered. Our team is excited to serve and we are one of the few remaining companies that still have human beings answering the phone. The office is open from 8:30 to 5:30 EST and there is a voice mail system during off hours. Please feel free to call 1-800-799-6227


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